Rodents using Pheromones to communicate

Regardless of the many centuries’ rodents have spent with us humans, they are a mystery that has yet to be completely solved. Most of us, when we hear about rodents, we automatically think of rats and mice, one of the most destructive and gross critters that could infest your house. But rodents are more than just rats, mice Like many animals, rodents also use pheromones as a means of communication. Scientist being scientist have studied it a lot and have deduced some facts and theories on the subject. So why don’t we take this chance and understand how rodents behave. Then we can use this to our advantage when dealing with them.

What are pheromones?

For some, the word “pheromone” might ring a bell, and to others, it is a complete mystery. For the few who think they understand, pheromones are not the pink gas that makes people more sexually aroused. The common belief is that pheromone is only used for sexual communications. Pheromones are chemicals released by animals to relay some sort of information about the particular animal to others in their specific species, triggering some kind of response (change in behavior). The information can be that a food source has been found, the animal is ready for mating, distress or alert signal or even health status.

How to do rodents use them?

Rodents also use pheromones to communicate with others in their group. Because these signals are species-specific if a rat were to release some pheromone a snake won’t be able to understand it. Like most other mammals, rodents also possess a main olfactory epithelium and a special organ called vomeronasal organ (VNO), this makes very receptive to smell, and they become sensitive to pheromones.

Releaser Pheromone

The releaser pheromone is generally used to notify other rodents that they have come inside their territory. This is mainly done by releasing urine, which the others can easily smell and understand. Mothers also use releaser pheromone to tell their young ones that they are ready to nurse.

Primer Pheromone

Premier pheromone is what most people think pheromone is. It is released most commonly during the peak of fertility. This is used to send signals to notify change in sexual behavior, usually by females. Female rodents will release scents that inform males that they have reached puberty or are ready for mating. This is to attract the males’ attraction for breeding purposes. Males then release their own pheromones signaling that they accept the challenge (only dominant ones breed). The scent of a male pheromone is said to be very powerful, capable of inducing maturity in females or even miscarriage.

Information Pheromone

This pheromone is used to tell and know something about animals from others species. Rodents are the same group also use it to know which individual is sick and the rest avoid that so that the sickness doesn’t spread.

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