Raccoons can climb fences

The structure of raccoons is the reason why they do specific activities. They have powerful and amazing body structure, and with the help of it, they can run through regular and irregular structures of buildings, and they can climb on high buildings. They can even climb on wires and concrete fences. They get over the fence easily and get into the attic easily.

They can destroy the walls, and this is due to their hyper nature while looking for the food. They prefer soft materials to climb up the building because they can make holes in it, which helps them to climb up to any place. If your building or fence is of slippery material or hard material, you won’t find any raccoon in your fence and your building because they avoid such surfaces.

Climbing the fence according to the raccoon’s age:

A normal adult raccoon can climb up to around 8 inches while on the other hand, baby raccoons can climb only 5 to 6 inches wire fence. So the height of your fence plays an important role in what kind of raccoons you have in your area. They are expert in tree climbing too. Their claws play an important role for them when they are climbing any structure while when we talk about their hind legs, it helps them to lift their body weight. They have that habit of destroying the garden in their locality at any cost. So, doesn’t matter how tall your fence is? No fence can stop them to destroy the garden. Even they can get your food at any cost. You cannot hide your food from them.

How to control it?

You need to control these activities of raccoons, and for this, all we need to do is to set traps for them. You can also use animal trapping agency to get rid of them. Catching this species is not that easy. For trapping the raccoons in your area, you need to use baits, traps and any other strategies. Shooting or eventually killing the raccoon should not be your option and it is illegal in some countries too.

Using Electric Fences

Another important thing is you need to place the raccoons at a place far away from your place. Otherwise, they will come back to your place again and will climb the fence to destroy your gardens and foodstuff. Well, we can use electric shocks in the fences too. So, if they are climbing the fence, you can use electric current and hence in future raccoons will avoid coming to this place. The voltage should be normal so that it won’t kill them because the dead raccoons are more dangerous than the live ones.

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